About Wal & The Room

The Opening of The Room 

The Room, located in the Mount Erin Convent, has been set up to be an exact replica of Wal's home office from 1988. It was opened in 2014 and has enjoyed many visitors since then. There are numerous interesting historic items available for viewing there, all of which can be found in this catalogue of items.

Key Facts About Wal

Wal served in both State and Federal Parliament as the member for Wagga Wagga, Farrer and Hume. He served the state as the Minster of Mines, Conservation, Power, Transport and Highways, as well as Assistant Minister for Education and Assistant Treasurer. He served federally as the Minister for Business & Consumer Affairs, Education, Aviation, as well as being the Assisstant Minister to the Prime Minister in Federal Affairs, Public Service Matters and Deputy Leader in the House. His federal Parliamentary Party Positions included Shadow Minister for Housing and Construction, Primary Industry, Administrative Services, Manager of Opposition Business in the House and Deputy Leader of the Federal Liberal Party. 

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Plan Your Visit

To book your visit, please visit this page to check opening times and details about visiting. 

The Wal Fife Room is a local tourist destination - a fully preserved office of the late Wal Fife, local identity and member of parliament.

It is a truly memorable piece of local Wagga History.