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Wal Fife


Remembering over 80 Years of Service to the Wagga Wagga community

“Welcome to my office and library, set out as it was in my home at Gundary during the last twenty years of my working life.

wal fife room.jpg

I kept these manuscripts and publications intact so that future generations could see how a member of parliament’s office was maintained at his home in 1988, and to make the material available for research.”

- The Honourable Wal Fife

wal fife room booklet.jpg


The Wal Fife Room was opened 2014 in its current location in the Mount Erin convent. The opening was reported by the Daily Advertiser





Over the years, Wal made many appearances in the media. After his passing, the Australian Parliament honoured his years of service (below).

The Wal Fife Room is a local tourist destination - a fully preserved office of the late Wal Fife, local identity and member of parliament.

It is a truly memorable piece of Wagga History. 

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